Monday, August 15, 2011

a painterly weekend.

This weekend saw a lot of paint around these parts.

First up: Ladies' Night. Some friends gathered at my house to paint canvas floor mats. CCM made one for us when we got married, but after six years, it's pretty much toast. Thus, a new mat needed to be made. Here are some photos of our efforts.
From the top, the visual stylings of Andrea, me, and Ashley. Laura and Holly will have to forgive me for not having photos of their work.

Next up: Magnet board. S has been lamenting her lack of a corkboard since spending a day at her friend A's house recently. Also, I've been lamenting the fact that she's taping things to our walls. I decided to make her a magnet board for her room out of a cookie sheet. Despite my wanting to make it perfect ("Hi, I'm Ouiser, and it's usually my way or the highway), I let her help. She is thrilled with the end product, and I am, too. However, I fear she loves it too much and will refuse to use it as a magnet board and will still tape stuff to our walls. You win some, you lose some.
The finished product.

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