Tuesday, August 23, 2011

next up...

You know I love a project, and I've got a bunch coming up, but for some reason this one must happen now. Probably because S is involved, and she is one of the few humans that has less patience than I. (I was hoping she would not inherit that trait. Oh, well. I'll take the good with the bad.) Anyway...
Last week, I got this book. It is uhhh-mazing. Love it. I've already read it twice. It speaks to me. It's like Ina, but not food. One of the things it discusses is having a "Place of Peace" in your home. Somewhere you or your children can go to relax. It recommends you also use this space for conflict resolution, but that's beyond my pay grade. When you combine this whole peaceful place idea with my recent desire to create a reading nook for the kiddos, something had to happen, and happen it will.

As I said, I let S in on the idea and the planning. We've drawn ideas for our space, and I let her choose the color that we'll paint the space. I narrowed the choices down to three, and she chose the one that I liked the least, but I have to let some things go. Sometimes. (Rarely.)

So, here are some of the shots I'm using for inspiration. I'll keep you all updated as (what S calls) the calm place comes to fruition.

Images 1-3 are from Ohdeedoh. Image 4 is from the Playful Learning website.

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