Friday, August 26, 2011

it's almost go time.

Tomorrow, I'll be crossing an item off my Life List. I'm very excited. It means that I'll have crossed two items off the list in a month (the first was learning to braid garlic). I know that not all months can be like that, but it makes me happy nonetheless. I think once it's all over and done, I'll chill on the list for a bit. I've got several projects to finish before Christmas, and I have to finish S's reading nook/calm place/place for peace, which she is trying hard to turn into a three-ring-circus. For the record, I have painted the space and hung the Happy Holland Bunting. If she'd stop trying to put everything she owns or has ever seen into the space, it would be quite nice really.

Anyway, here's a list...

Other projects in the works:
  • My last Pay-It-Forward piece of the year, which I need to finish already. It has to make it all the way to the UK.
  • Coffee sack table runners. (Luckily, I am pretty tight with our local coffee shop owners, so procuring the coffee bean sacks wasn't an issue.)
  • I'm going to paint a couple more floor mats...
  • A Christmas surprise for Mr. Ouiser that I'm so excited about I can hardly stand it.
  • Several other Christmas gifts (so much embroidery, so little time).
  • New chair cushions for our patio set. (It was M's grandparents. We painted it recently, and now the lemon-lime vinyl has to go.)
Now, I must tend to the daughter that's trying to make me insane today. She almost literally has not stopped talking since she woke up, and I'm trying to decide if using earplugs to drown out my child is bad parenting. It probably is. *Shrug*


JoleneSG said...

ooh!! I am getting very excited, indeed.

Thanks for the link to the bunting and am loving your sidebar!!

hope you have a lovely Saturday.

Sarah Berry said...

What? That's not bad parenting, that's just practical.