Tuesday, August 30, 2011

drewser bruiser

Today is my little brother's 26th birthday. In honor of his big day, here's a list of 26 things I love about him.
  1. His undying love for the Chicago Cubs. Next year is our year, buddy.
  2. His ability to just do stuff like our Granddaddy does. I mean sometimes you just learn by doing...even if you are making gates out of old headboards.
  3. The fact that I'm almost as tall as him, which might not be something he loves.
  4. He could crush a person with one of his hugs. It hurts, but you know he means his hugs.
  5. The fact that I can always freak him out by mentioning my boobs.
  6. He once told me that his favorite smell was his baseball glove.
  7. He's great with my kids. In fact, he's pretty awesome with all kids.
  8. He loves football and still has his Peyton Manning UT jersey from when he was ten.
  9. His girlfriend is lovely, and I'm grateful he found her.
  10. He loves to cut grass.
  11. He'll eat almost anything...but not tomatoes, which is actually a strike against him.
  12. He is the loudest clapper on the planet. It's a strange talent that I don't actually love at all because it's humiliating if you're next to him when he starts clapping.
  13. He's fast. Always has been.
  14. He's really cute. Always has been (except when our parents had him sporting a mullet when he was four...maybe even then.)
  15. He's is always willing to help anyone.
  16. He is growing up into a pretty great man. I have high hopes for him.
  17. He could drink milk anytime, anywhere.
  18. He is consistent. He has always loved Snickerdoodles, cereal, cinnamon twists from Taco Bell, the aforementioned milk.
  19. He probably still wishes he was a Ninja Turtle.
  20. He actually plays vinyl records.
  21. He grows a wicked beard. Not a Powers-beard, but it's pretty rocking nonetheless.
  22. He finally got rid of the pillows he'd had since childhood. Those things were rank.
  23. He is not afraid to order seriously girly coffee drinks.
  24. He knows how to use a chainsaw.
  25. I think he'd do just about anything to take care of the people he loves.
  26. He's my little brother.

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