Monday, March 28, 2011

missing in action.

Sorry. It's been awhile. Things have been undeniably crazy around these parts. While I don't have the energy...or even the recap the last week of our lives, I'll tell you this: four-year-olds playing soccer is the greatest thing on Earth. No matter how crappy things are going, it is impossible not to laugh uproariously at six pre-schoolers on a soccer field. For the record, our team is unquestionably bad. Hysterically bad. Like, "we hope we have to play the gold team" bad. And the kids don't care one iota. At least my kid doesn't. On a positive note, our kids are apparently wonderful listeners...when Coach Andrew says, "stand here," while the other team prepares to inbound the ball, those kids stand there. And then they watch the other team's players move the ball right past them into the goal. Over. And over. And over. And my stomach hurt from laughing and cheering so hard. Here are some pictures.
Aside from the adventures of the Soccer night last week (I think the only night we were able to sit down and eat as a family) S asked me, "Mom, will you make me spaghetti and meatballs?"

"Not tonight, but another night...sure."


Then she ate a little more aglio e olio...and then hit me with this one, "Mom, what's a meatball?"

M and I cracked up. Of course, I'm dutifully making spaghetti and meatballs because while S is a pretty good eater as far as four-year-olds go, she's not usually interested in trying new things, so when she asks for something she's never had, I'll make it. Now PW's meatballs are simmering on my stove, and my house smells like heaven. For the record, I've deviated from my darling Ree's ground beef/pork combo. We're actually having bison meatballs. We're exotic like that. Plus I think it's funny to say Bison Balls. I crack myself up.

Until next time, peeps...


die Frau said...

Love that you make Bison Balls. And she looks like a little pro!

Wonderland said...

Bison balls. He he. Saucey bison balls. He he. :)