Monday, March 14, 2011

keeping it short.

Today, the post will be short and sweet.

Things NEVER to say to a woman who is miserably pregnant with her second child:

Oh, the second child is by far the hardest.

Thank you, woman with five kids. I'm going to throw myself in front of a bus now.


Megan said...

Or how about "Wow! your huge! you must be having twins". No I'm 8 months pregnant thats why I have a rather large belly but thanks for your opinion. Or "You look like your about to burst!" Thats a good one too.

mo wask said...

ignore the "meanie" (said in your best R-ie voice!)
by far my first was and still is my hardest.

Leslie said...

Ha ha ha! You should have stomped on her foot. You know, by accident!

I'm sure second babies are hard for normal people, but you're YOU. It should be a snap :)

Haley said...

well she was wrong..., it is not the second one that is is the third. so you should do just fine. :)