Friday, March 18, 2011

how PW is bad for the environment.

I think my newish devotion to Pioneer Woman has been kind of obvious. I mean, I want this woman to be my neighbor, my friend. I want to sit around and sip coffee in the afternoon with her. I might be willing to move to Oklahoma to make this happen.

Anyway, I'm trying to take it easy this afternoon since it's been a tough day in the breathing department and the swelling ankle department. Naturally, I have been looking at recipes in the PW archives and on Tasty Kitchen. A girl who's worried about being as big as a bus should be looking at dessert recipes, right? I thought so.

I came across a few new recipes that I want to try. Recipes that I am certain Mr. Ouiser will like and that Little Ouiser will try. Then I printed them and put them on the cookbook holder, so I'll see them when the time comes to make next week's menu. I realized as I put the recipes in the kitchen that since I've developed my PW obsession, I've been printing (and trying) a lot more recipes. A lot. Granted, the ones that I like earn a coveted spot in the World's Greatest Cookbook and the ones that I don't like make it into the scrap drawing paper pile, so things aren't really getting wasted. Alas, more paper is still being used...and more ink. And we've been eating more meat, so I worry that my love for Ree Drummond might be killing the planet.

Oh, well. I'm not going to worry too much. I'm busy simmering the sauce for tonight's pasta.


Anonymous said...

Pioneer Woman is awesome. And her husband is not bad to look at. Tasty stuff too.

mo wask said...

you need to get an ipad and store the recipes on it... as bookmarks, pdfs, something. K's gets carted all over the house and used for an assortment of things.

Anonymous said...

♥Intresting post like all your blog♥