Tuesday, March 10, 2009

so little to report

There is just nothing exciting going on here. Here's the rundown of the past few days:
  • My aunt M brought me one of my grandma's old sweaters a few weeks ago. It's a pretty awesome sweater. It's a DKNY and it's super warm and long and it reminds me of my grandma. The problem was moth holes. Loads of them. My aunt knew the sweater would fit me, and she thought I might be able to do something about the holes to make it wearable. So, I've taken up a little embroidery/crewel work from a book I borrowed from Feathernester. I've been creating eyelet holes, and it actually looks pretty cool. Plus, there is something that I truly love about the fact that I've been able to sit on my porch swing during S's naps with a basket of embroidery thread and some needles and just do something. It's been fantastically domestic and fulfilling.
  • S busted her face for the first time yesterday. She managed to mangle her upper lip and the space between her upper lip and her nose. Her nose, chin, and bottom lip are unscathed. I don't even pretend to understand the mechanics of a fall that left her with those injuries.
  • I went to the gym yesterday. It was an occasion.
  • S had Kindermusik this morning. Ms. K played an Indian song when the kids were playing with the scarves/silks. I used mine to cover my face, and I shimmied around like a belly dancer. S thought it was completely hysterical. She laughed through the entire song.
  • M, S, Mr. Feathernester, L, and I went to the farmer's market in Nashville Saturday morning. It was great. We also played at the Bicentennial Mall. The girls had fun going up and down the amphitheater steps. I sat on the steps, staring up at the capitol building, and I watched an errant plastic bag float across the lawn. I sat there thinking how bizarre it is to sit, staring at one of your great loves (home) while simultaneously seeing one of the things you hate most (garbage/waste/litter/the fleeting nature of plastics in society and what that says about society). It was a lot to think about in that one tiny moment.
I'm hitting the showers, peeps. Until the next bullet point update...

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