Friday, March 06, 2009

since i was berated...

As Scarlet Lily chose to totally call me out on my recent lack of blogging, I feel obliged to post something today even though I have nothing of interest to post about. Nothing. Nada. I feel stagnant in the brain. Here's what's going on with the Ouisers:
  • S can now count to four. She could previously count to five as long as you weren't particular about the inclusion of the number four. She refused to say it. Yesterday, she miraculously started counting, "1-2-3-4." We were so excited you'd think she'd just mastered classic guitar or something. We are thrilled. Well, we were. Now she counts, "1-2-3-4-6." Apparently, the number five ticked her off badly.
  • S loves her dollhouse. She's been ignoring that dollhouse for a couple of weeks, and I was feeling like a sucker. I thought she didn't like it. Now, though, she lays on the floor and just plays her little heart out. She takes the dining table out of the kitchen and the family has picnics with lots of exotic animals that visit the dollhouse from Noah's Ark. It's fantastic, I tell you.
  • The concept of remodeling and adding onto our house has me tied in knots. I can sincerely say that the only thing that has ever confounded me so thoroughly is probability.
  • I made brownies this morning, and they are everything that I hoped they would be, which means they are 9 inches by 13 inches of heaven with walnuts.
  • S refused to eat her dinner last night. It was our first experience of her looking at it, poking it with her fork, pushing her bowl away with her nose scrunched up, and declaring, "I don't like it." She refused to even taste it, but she did stick it to her tongue once and make a face. It was gnocchi. Her loss.
  • I watched my beloved Rachel Maddow for the first time last night in months. I just love her. If I lived in California, and I wasn't straight and married, and if the CA Supreme Court would repeal Prop 8, I'd marry that girl. That's a lot of "ifs." I'll stick with Mr. Ouiser. We're MFEO.
  • I am going to clean up the popcorn/yogurt/cheerios and milk/barbecue sauce mess that my child has left me with.
Peace out, peeps. Have a great weekend.

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VA said...

Just leaving a comment to say, "Hi!"

Although it is no wonder a child would not want gnocchi (oh so plain) when she could eat popcorn/yogurt/cheerios/milk/BBQ sauce. Clearly she has an advanced, eclectic and highly developed sense of taste. Go S!