Monday, March 16, 2009

hopeless for wanting

I may have mentioned this before. If I have, bear with me. I saw Benjamin Button with my aunt. Throughout the flick, she kept seeing pieces of furniture and stuff, leaning over to me, and whispering, "Ooooh, I want one of those." About halfway through, I leaned over to her and said, "you are hopeless for wanting." I am having one of those days. A day where I am hopeless for wanting. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about things what I want, but I'm seriously "wanty" right now.

I think it started the other night. I am, as I've chronicled, a smidgen stressed about this whole remodeling concept. I'm so sick of new ideas and talking about it that I could explode. So, the other night, as I watched the MacBook commercial where they talk about it being the world's greenest notebook, I said, "hey. How about we scrap the remodel and blow all the money we would spend on crap we just want?" Then we tried to make a list of stuff we want. Other than the MacBook, a rug for the dining room, a new dishwasher, and a couple of odds and ends, I was done. However, the wheels have been turning, and now I think I want one of everything I see. Well, not really everything, but I was drooling so much on Anna Maria Horner's website that I had to skedaddle off of there in a hurry.

I am hopeless today. Hopeless for wanting. That is all.


Scarlet Lily said...

Happens to all of us :) Maybe by thinking of all the stuff you want it'll actually help you with the remodel b/c you'll have your tastes and styles all defined!

die Frau said...

Try getting the Viva Terra catalogue where everything's eco-friendly AND beautiful. Sigh.

Strange coincidence: I once worked with a girl named Annmarie Horner. Anna Maria even looks like my old colleague a bit. Weird.

Kristie said...

I cannot believe that you don't already have a Mac. Let me tell you, spend the money. Your life will never be the same!