Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am hungry. I usually wait for S to eat breakfast. However, it is 9:20 and she's still asleep. My stomach is growling. I need to surgically remove my butt from this chair and get some cereal.

For those of you worried, she has made a few sleep sounds, so I know she's alive up there.

Also, for those of you worried about more important matters, we do have Guinness in the fridge to celebrate St. Patty's Day.


Scarlet Lily said...

You should definitely eat as I've already had two different breakfasts and you haven't even had one! :) First was cereal at 7am and then Cream of Wheat at 9:30am.

Strongmama said...

Please have some Guinness for me! (preferably not with your breakfast, but if that's what gets you through the day...)

feather nester said...

What, did she sleep straight through Kindermusik?!?