Saturday, March 01, 2008

just a shade under a terabyte

M is a supergeek. Super. Geek. And I love him for it. We're looking for an internal hard drive to store music on, and M asked if I thought we needed the 750 GB deal he found on NewEgg.

"It's just a shade under a terabyte, " he beamed.

Wow. That's a lot of nerdiness for 8am. A lot.

Happy Saturday, peeps. I'm off to less nerd-a-licious pursuits.


Sarah said...

Happy to know that someone else shares my pain. When we come down for our March visit, I'll make B regal you with his many many fascinating tales about lasers. It's kind of mean of me to do that to you, but someone else must share my pain :)

feather nester said...

I feel you. My husband's response was, "Well, actually that's a little more than a shade..."

die Frau said...

I'm not sure how many gigs we have--it's not a terabyte, but it's quite a lot for two folks who don't use computers as their livelihood. We DO have our one computer connected to two screens now--it's kind of awesome. The mouse goes back and forth between the two and I can drag screens around. I totally love it. Does that include me in the geeky category?