Friday, March 07, 2008

it's raining, it's pouring

I. Am. Super. Excited.

I just ordered a rain barrel. While I want two, we thought it best to order one and make sure it goes well before we get a second one. Besides, one might do the trick. I found barrels that were really affordable...with free I can't tell you how excited I am. I'm guessing you know, though, since I've been whining about it for months. Anyway, I'm happy.

We've also picked out a rug for the living room at the new house, but I won't order it until Monday. I've been filling up my aunt's house with shipments of window treatments, and I think she may shoot me if I have an 8x11 rug sent to her house. As the rug could arrive in as little as 5 days, I want to wait and make sure that it can be safely shipped directly to our house. M and I both love the rug, but it puts a super huge kink in my decorating plans. I had planned to build the whole room around my beloved throw pillows and the upholstery on two chairs of M's mom's that I love. Overall, it would be a sort of green and cranberry color scheme (mostly green). Unfortunately, our couch is a little greener than we realized, and it looks horrible against the greens I've tried it against for the window treatments. Plus, we couldn't agree on a rug that would work with that plan. So, new plan. We'll get the rug, then we'll do ivory drapes, and I'll get new pillows. I'll just move the super great throw pillows from the living room into the bonus room upstairs. Problem solved. Now I just have to find the pillows...and figure out the window treatments, so that I can get something that will coordinate for the dining room. So many completely superfluous issues, so little time. Here's the rug that we've picked...which is "eco-friendly"...whatever that means to this company.I'm off, peeps. S and I have a lunch date later, and I need to get things ready to go. Have a great weekend.

Sight: "bungalow blue" in our new bedroom
Sound: S laughing at her echo in the bathroom
Touch: S handshakes
Taste: chocolate chips by the handful
Smell: Origins Smoothing Souffle

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feather nester said...

I love the rug! Where is it from? I've been looking for a wool rug, as that seems to be pretty eco-friendly. Of course, it also means really expensive...but it also means it should last many considerations.

And I'm so excited for your rain barrel too! I'm planning to learn from all your challenges and successes as you green up your home, so keep us posted. :)