Thursday, March 13, 2008

going home

The movers will be at our house in a matter of hours. Tonight is our last night in this house. Our first house. S's first home. While I'm sad to leave my little house and all of our friends here, I am so excited to move into our new house and be with our family in Tennessee. S is excited about living near her BFF. So is her daddy. It's going to be a Ouiser-Feathernester party every day. God help our livers.

Anyway, we'll be packing up the computer in a bit, so it's so long from Kentucky. We'll be back in the motherland very, very soon.

I'll leave you with a picture of the littlest hippie in the family. She looks so stinkin' cute today that I just want to keep squeezing her. If she just had enough hair for dreads...and we were the type of people who forgo washing hair in favor of growing dreads...she'd be the perfect hippie baby. I tried to get a shot of her with Otis, who is rocking his Grateful Dead collar, so I could show off my hippie dog, too, but I can't get the two of them near each other and even remotely still. Oh, well. Otis looks like an old stoner anyway...even without the collar.

I'm out, peeps. See you on the flip side.


Wicked Lemon said...

We sure will miss all you guys here in Lexington! Best of luck in the motherland!

Anonymous said...

Let it be known that the Mills clan is very excited you guys will be closer! Landon has already stated how much closer you'll be to the lake and how he can't wait to get S and H out there together.
Get settled and then let's make plans for the big meet and greet!


feather nester said...

Can't wait! The Liliputian would be so excited, too, if she weren't recovering from her shots...

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