Saturday, March 08, 2008


"What on earth?" you ask.

17,047 pennies. That's what I'm talking about. As I refused to pay someone to move the eight thousand pounds of pennies in our garage, the ones that M had been collecting since he was a zygote, we decided that we had to take them to the bank before we move. So, we (mostly M) spent the past couple of weeks sorting through buckets of pennies, removing the wheat pennies and the super old pennies and the foreign pennies (or whatever they're called in the foreign countries from whence they came). M loaded them up on Wednesday and took them to the bank. He was promptly laughed at for having such an egregious amount of pennies, but he filled out a deposit slip, handed over the fifteen bags and walked away from 31 years of pennies.

The deposit just went through last night, and the final count is 17,047. Plus the glass of pennies that we still have in the living room, full of all those pennies that were just too good to let go of. If we added in the glass of pennies and the foreign pennies, I still don't think we would've made it to the 20,000 mark, and I think M was really hoping for that. Alas, it's $170.47 going into S's Colgate fund. So, that'll buy her one textbook. One down, a boatload to go...and tuition...and room and board...and a bunch of North Face crap. We're going to have to have more than pennies. Can we exchange the $170.47 for euros now??

Have a great Saturday, peeps. M's off to shovel the driveway (um, it's March and there are four inches of snow outside with more to come, what the bejesus?), and I'm going to make the banana cupcakes recommended by MoWask last week. I've got to use up all those frozen bananas I've been hoarding.

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die Frau said...

Four inches? Try almost a foot!

I wonder how many pennies we have????