Thursday, December 23, 2010

run for your life.

Christmas is almost here. I should only be posting happy things about our Advent-ures and Christmas cookies and holiday magic. But I am so not going to do that. I'm too afraid. Way too afraid. I am living in fear of Nicole Kidman's insane forearm-length toe.
Really. It looks like her big toe is trying to attack the paparazzi taking the picture. Doesn't it?

In case you don't know, I don't like feet. Seriously. Keep your feet inside your shoes at all times. If you're riding on an airplane, cover your toes. I don't care how cute your little tootsies are. I don't care how recent and expensive your pedicure. I don't want to be in close proximity to any feet except my daughter's...and my son's soon enough. I assure you I will outgrow thinking that their feet are cute, too. Anyway, I want Nicole Kidman to have toe reduction surgery. They can do that, right.

Happy Holidays. I hope Nicole Kidman gets socks. Aaaaaghhhh!!!


Scarlet Lily said...

Neuroses are funny.

mowask said...

i am so right there with you on the feet thing. i dry heave lots in airports esp. during the summer. gag! people... 80% of you NEED to put socks or closed toe shoes on. i don't want to see your dry, gnarly ass feet!...EVER!

now can we get back to advent fluffy content. my stomach can't handle another post like this. ;P

Melissa said...

glad to know that i'm not the only one out there who hates feet!

M said...


that toe belongs on her hand along with the other fingers...