Friday, December 17, 2010

the one where i chill myself out.

Despite the best intentions (you know that whole road to Hell thing, right?), things are a little stressful around here. Oddly, it's nothing holiday related that is stressing me out. It's just life. I think this may be one of those moments where I have an epiphany about adulthood. Like, maybe part of being an adult is learning to deal with the stressful life moments in the midst of chaos (the holidays being an example of chaos.) We've got some chimney issues, but it's nothing that can't be handled, and though I'm not stressed in the least, Mr. Ouiser is very stressed about it. He just needs a vacation. (I really believe...and this is directed at you because I know you're reading it, M, that if this situation had come up while he was away from work next week, he'd be taking it in stride.) The man's just got too much on his plate. Anyway, it's causing some stress. It just is.

So, somehow, suddenly, things seem to be snowballing around here. Which is ridiculous because I can't even really think about other reasons to be stressed. It's just one of those things- once you're stressed, you're stressed. Now I'm in a mood, and I've decided that the best way to get out of this funk (besides copious amounts of peppermint creamer with a side of Jack Johnson) is to sit down and remember the things in my life that I love and appreciate. Here goes.
  • M, stress-wad that he is. He makes me laugh everyday, and that is a wonderful quality in a husband. Also, he makes me feel safe.
  • S, who I want to beat often, but she always rallies. She is very funny, very precocious, very sweet, very pretty, and she surprises me constantly. For the record, I have never beaten her.
  • My friends. I don't think I'd have made it through this week without HS and SB.
  • The chimney sweep that was here yesterday. He was a genuinely nice person, and even though he gave us the verdict that stressed M out, I was happy that he was here. I feel like giving him a present (Actually S already did. She gave him the leftovers from Baja Burrito that were going to be my snack. I almost cried.)
  • The guy who's coming to try to fix our garage door today. He was funny on the phone yesterday. Also, the prospect of parking in my garage and not navigating winter weather with a three-year-old is enticing.
  • My Adam Egenolf coffee mug. I love it so.
  • The family wall of pictures that I finally hung yesterday.
    A terrible picture of the family wall, but you get the idea.
S, helping hang the family wall. She's holding the pencil. Obviously, her help was invaluable.
  • Newly sharpened pencils with good erasers and micro point vision pens by uni-ball (I just laughed because I typed uni-ball, which reminds me that I'm appreciative of my sixth grade sense of humour. I also love the extraneous Brit-like use of the letter "u.")
  • Fruit Loops. I let S get them this week because it's-Christmas-for-crying-out-loud! She has eaten more than half the box in two days. I ate a bowl this morning, and it was like childhood in a bowl. And now I'm all doped up on sugar.
Of course I'm thankful for lots more than that. But those are all things that I can actually see (or things I can see reminders of) from where I'm sitting, and life can't be that bad if I can be grateful for that much stuff in my immediate area, right?

Here's a list of things that I just need to accept.
  • There will always be a pile of laundry to be done and a mostly full dishwasher.
  • There will always be something that should live in the attic or basement that is inexplicably living in my bedroom.
  • I will always hate making the bed, but I will always hate seeing an unmade bed more.
  • My daughter will eventually wipe her own bottom.
  • The suede ties on S's slippers will never stay tied, and she will always be upset by this.
  • Our local newspaper will always be terrible.
  • I will always miss the Rick Reilly column at the back of Sports Illustrated.
  • I will never, ever like Sarah Palin or anyone on FoxNews. Under any circumstances.
So thanks for the free therapy. I need to prepare for our daily Advent-ure and my day in general...

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feather nester said...

I think you've just chilled me out, too. Like, a lot. Thank you.

I may not have been HS or SB this week, helping you survive, but I hope to be again soon. As soon as I survive my own self-imposed mess, I can't wait to help you through your own traumas! Love you, girl!