Thursday, December 02, 2010

2 down.

I really wanted to take a picture of S opening the first little drawer of her Advent calendar yesterday, but I left the camera at my parents' house on Thanksgiving...and I forgot that I own two cameras. And a phone that takes pictures. I can only be expected to remember so many things.

Either way, the first two days have been very successful. S was insanely thrilled to get a treat both mornings, and when I read the little paper to her yesterday that said, "decorate your Christmas tree," she actually squealed. I take that as a good sign. Then last night, after going out to satiate my craving for a cheeseburger, we decorated her tree and then spent a solid hour reading Christmas books. It was a wonderful first night of December. I wouldn't trade it.

Moving on...we haven't really started decorating yet, as Elmer the Elf (he's the one putting treats into the calendar according to S) won't be telling us to get a tree until Saturday. However, I felt a desperate need to put a big red bow on the lightpost on the edge of the courtyard Monday and then I desperately needed to cut some holly yesterday. So, there's a bow outside, and holly in the bathroom and on the kitchen table. I can't put anything on the dining room table yet as that will be an activity for S.

When all is said and done, we've achieved two days of December without my wanting to put my head in an oven, and I think that's farther than my mother ever got. Cheers!!

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mowask said...

laughing so hard, i'm crying!

1. i cheated this year and got the boys Playmobil Advent Calendars. (they love them and in fact the oldest has thanked me every opportunity he has gotten and told me this was the best year so far)
But the youngest had a full blown fit that he couldn't open up every box right away. That and he was miffed the first day that all he got was a tree whereas his brother got a knight. mini-figures outweigh flora when you are 3. But today went much smoother. He got 2 more trees and then dragged the sinterklaas from an old set we already had into his diorama so he's all good.
2. we are getting our tree this weekend too. my husband doesn't know this yet... but we are. ;)
3. I've been keeping myself even keel about the holiday so far... no ideas of drastic measures... YET! ;P