Friday, May 01, 2009

a work in progress

I've had it. Stick a fork in me. I'm done. We are waiting on the shower doors. It's the only thing left in this remodel, but it's like waiting for Godot. They were supposed to be in Wednesday, but we haven't heard anything. We're moved into the new bedroom, and things are moved into the new bathroom, but we can't really reclaim normalcy without the shower doors. So, I feel like I'm in limbo, and that's not a happy place for type-A Ouiser. (For the record, there will be no remodel pictures until this sucker is DONE. Now you're all waiting for the shower doors, too.)

With the fairy floss thin patience that I'm exhibiting, coupled with exhaustion from the last few weeks, a toddler, and a little bit of a suspect tummy, I'm really not myself. I can't seem to sit still right now, and not in a good way. I'm suddenly driving myself, my husband, and my daughter nuts trying to get things done. So nuts, in fact, that S's repertoire now includes, "Otis, stop it. You're making me nuts." Lovely.

So, I'm making an effort today to be more lovable. I was reading Parenting in bed last night, and there was an article about mamas needing a day off for themselves, which I already know and I already need. The concept of a day off wasn't the interesting part, though. It was one of the last sentences...something to the effect of, "your child won't remember that your house was spotless, your child will remember that you played games with her."

Hello, wake-up call. For the past couple of days, every other sentence out of my mouth has been, "not now, S, I need to get some work done." For the record, S would prefer that I not get any of my current work done. She loves the new closet empty and the wardrobe empty and no shower doors. She's got new playhouses everywhere. Today, I'm going to try to just be still and enjoy my day with S. Aside from going to the grocery store and a meeting that I have. Other than that, it's fun mom day.

Ugh. Why do things have to seem so difficult all the time?


Scarlet Lily said...

Good for you!! I hope you enjoy your day off to the fullest. I suggest adding chocolate to the mix to really make that happen :)

Just Another Idealist said...

It's all about perspective. I think it's easy for us to get caught up in our own lives so much we get tunnel vision. Sure, remodeling is a pain in the ass, but you HAVE a house to remodel. It belongs to you so you care enough about it to make improvements. You have an adorable little girl who actually WANTS your attention. You will look back on this with longing when she's a teenager, trust me. Plus, a whole weekend of grown-up time awaits you at the end of the month! Remind yourself that you are blessed & you'll start to believe it :-)