Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This morning, I went on a mad dash to Nashville for gold sandals. It was wonderfully hot, but a bit muggy as I walked from store to store. Then as I was picking up some nail polish (that unfortunately dried to look kind of yucky), I heard some big claps of thunder. When I walked outside, it was still bright and sunny, and I thought my ears had played tricks on me. Then I turned around and saw the big, black clouds to the west. I drove right into a nasty little rainstorm...the kind that makes everyone drive 50 mph. As the rain slacked off, I noticed that everything was so pretty. It's that great time of year where everything is green because the gods of Southern weather have yet to turn off the water. So, I was driving along the interstate, observing the beautiful green and loving the smell of rain and watching the steam rise out of the trees and off the road. It doesn't seem like something to be inspired by, but it was really nice.

So, here's hoping that something utterly mundane makes you smile today.

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