Wednesday, April 29, 2009

some recent pics

As the cameras have been buried, and the computer has been buried, and I feel like I've been buried, I haven't been able to post pictures recently. So, here are some. Enjoy.
Easter morning. There are no full pictures of S's dress. Oh, well.
The Ouisers. Typical. S and I seem way too silly to belong to M.
A particularly nice picture of Feather Nester.
L in her cutest ever cowgirl shirt.
Popsicles on the porch.
S with Scarlet Lily in the cutest picture ever taken.
S helping L with a wardrobe issue...while sitting in an empty wardrobe.


die Frau said...

Too precious! And we know M is just as silly as you ladies...he just doesn't let it get photographed as often any more....

Kristie said...

I am dying at the cuteness of that first pic! You girls are so beautiful!!! I can totally see some of you in her now!!!

Wonderland said...

Best pics ever. Thank you for them!