Saturday, February 07, 2009

a perfectly wonderful day

Today has been fantastic. I couldn't write a much better day. M and I woke up this morning before S and laughed ourselves silly talking about nothing in particular. When S woke up, she was snuggly, so she and M cuddled on the couch watching Aladdin while I tidied up the kitchen and made coffee. S and I had cheerios with strawberries (I know they were trucked in from Florida. They were still delish, and I wholeheartedly believe they've added to the cheeriness of my day). S and I played in the backyard while M de-Otis-bombed it. We went to the farm and had lunch with my granddaddy and played outside with the puppy and the cat, and we mooed at the cows. S is napping now, and I've made a lemon cake. I'm thinking we should take a walk to the coffee shop after her nap and go play in the green park. We're having BLTs for dinner with the cake for dessert. This day has been great, a great day of nothing special but lots of happy.Oh, and S and I went to the zoo yesterday. She is now loving the "mary cats" Or the meerkats. Whatever. Why do all kids love those little guys??

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feather nester said...

Glad you guys had such a nice day. Wish we could say likewise. Ugh. Missed you!