Tuesday, February 10, 2009

oh my ouch.

So, Simple Mom posted an article on budgeting yesterday. I've been meaning to look at our finances and re-budget since Christmas, but it took her article to get me focused. It's always miserable to think about budgeting. It makes me ill to see the number. You know, the number that indicates what you've got to spend on coffees, books, gifts, ice cream, new socks. I was looking at that number and thinking, oh my crap. We are broke. Quick, S, let's turn off everything that uses electricity. Then I realized that we save a substantial chunk of money every month, and I felt better because I know that I can keep myself from hitting the coffee shop when I know that it means that we, as a family, are more secure. Just the same, don't ask me out for coffee anytime soon:)

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Scarlet Lily said...

You forgot to account for the fact that NO ONE on this planet are better savers than the Ouisers! In fact, you both probably read that finance article wrong years ago when it said to use 90% of your paycheck and save 10% - you probably reversed it. Indulge in your coffee!