Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I made myself so insanely happy yesterday. I got new Sharpies. That's all it took to totally make my day. Today's crazy simple dose of happiness will come from roasting the chicken that's busily coming to room temperature on my kitchen counter right now. We'll be having it with mashed potatoes and the baguette that I picked up this morning. I am so, so excited. I'm also excited about the spinach I'll be sauteing with garlic, but I'm certain I'll be the only one excited about that one.

Oh, and here are a couple of pictures featuring last weekend's glorious weather.


Scarlet Lily said...

OMG - colored Sharpies make me SOOO happy, you have no idea! And your dinner sounds like such wonderful homey food.

I could cry looking at your pictures and the utter lack of snow :)

die Frau said...

Ditto on the snow and the Sharpies. I have a dry-erase calendar that I also have multi-colored markers for. It helps me become more type-A because I LOVE color coordinating it: All my events are blue, T's are green, big events in red....

I am also excited about sauteed spinach and garlic. What time should I arrive for dinner???