Thursday, February 26, 2009

hey, mommy.

S has, as mentioned, been under the weather. Just a cold. No big deal. While she's a faucet of snot today, I can tell she feels better. "How," you ask. Because of the sheer quantity of "hey mommies" this morning.

"Hey, Mommy."

"Hey, S."

"Hey, Mommy."

"Yes, S, what do you want?"

"Mommy sit, too," or, "S go outside. Color chalk," or, "Cinderelly," or just more, "hey, mommy."

At one point this morning I flat out told her that if she didn't stop with the hey mommies that her mommy was going to lose it, so she needed to go play with her toys and leave me alone. And she did. For a really long time. I'm going to have to try that more often.

So, I hereby proclaim that "hey, mommy" is the sweetest sound that I hardly ever want to hear. I will say, however, that when she was going strong with "hey, daddy" last night, I found it hysterical. In a glad-its-not-me way.


Strongmama said...

J always says, "Mommy?" and if I just say "yes" he says, "You're supposed to say, "Yes, J. Let's start over. Mommy?" This often goes on many times before I have the same reaction you do.

Scarlet Lily said...

Aww - all this stuff I can look forward to!