Monday, February 09, 2009

a broken record

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but we are just loving our little warm spell. We've spent so much time outside over the past four days that I almost didn't even notice how badly my floors needed to be swept. Almost. Alas, I swept them this morning before we headed outside. It's just too easy to forget about the housekeeping side of things when you're busy stealing days of glorious weather away from old man winter.

Random things I've thought of during our time outside:

  • As we played outside at my aunt's house yesterday, anxiously awaiting lunch, my cousin and I kicked a soccer ball around while M and my brother threw a frisbee and S wandered between the two and just generally ran around the yard. Watching us all bask in the sunshine with our little impromptu games, especially as my brother was wearing shorts, I stood there, thinking that we looked like the book/website Stuff White People Like threw up all over us. Seriously, that guy has us pegged. (This thought was further proven when, upon hearing that my brother and his girlfriend chose to go bowling instead of going to the park with her dog, I said, "what insane person would choose to go bowling inside instead of playing outside on a day like today?" Turns out they were going with her sister, and I declared that my brother must seriously like this girl. He always picks outside.)
  • As S and I played with some friends at the park down the street, I thought to myself that she never, ever looks prettier than when her cheeks are flushed pink from running and being outside.
  • While we were hiding in J's "secret clubhouse" at the park (a little hidden cove under some magnolia trees), I thought to myself that that particular space is almost like a little piece of heaven. It's brilliant.
  • Upon arriving at home, as I sat reading Snow White to S, I couldn't help but smile at the stinky kid smell coming off her. You know the smell, right? It's the smell of outside. Sunshine and dirt.
I don't want this weather to end, but I know it will. I know it is February. All we can do is enjoy all of it while it's here.

Oh, and S's wardrobe for today included a purple fairy ribbon skirt over her cords, her pink crocs, and for quite a while, my sweater tied around her shoulders like a cape. She was quite a sight to behold as she ran around outdoors like that. Too precious. It makes me gag a little.

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