Saturday, August 04, 2007

the zoo crew

Mark it off the to-do list. We took S on her first outing to the zoo today. Technically, she went to the Memphis Zoo last fall in my tummy, but we're not counting that one. This morning, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. We managed to get there early enough that it wasn't insanely hot, though it seemed like every single person we passed was complaining about the heat. People, it's August. It's supposed to be hot. Can't even blame it on global warming. Well, I could, but I doubt anyone would buy it.

Anyway, we all had a blast, and S really liked the elephants. M and I were partial to the manatees and the polar bears. Polar bears are just cool. And the gorillas, but it was hard to watch them knowing
what's been happening in the Congo. Horrific. Ghastly. Inhuman. These gorillas, however, were perfectly safe and charming and relaxed.

Here are a few pics...there are more on

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die Frau said...

My dad still says the best thing about having kids is that you get to go to the zoo, the circus, etc.... He pointed out that going by yourself makes you look suspicious and creepy. Glad you had fun!