Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I figured something out this summer that managed to escape me last summer. I really, really love my garden. I didn't care last year...mostly because I was so miserably pukey. This year, however, I have actually taken the time to try and do things properly, and it has been wonderful. I love going out into the garden everyday and grabbing handfuls of yummy cherry tomatoes and keeping my eyes peeled for new zucchinis and peppers. While I'm not the biggest fan of looking out for the return of the squash bugs, knowing that I actually grew something that I can eat is more rewarding than I ever thought it would be. And the delicious aroma of all the fresh basil doesn't hurt the situation.

I am quickly becoming overrun with cherry tomatoes, though, so I'm likely going to take some to a friend this afternoon. I'd hang on to them, but I can tell that there are going to be loads more ready for picking tomorrow. I'd rather have someone enjoy them while they're perfect than hang on to them out of selfishness.

The other thing I love about the garden is learning from my mistakes. Like last year when I planted so many tomato plants in the area the size of a bathtub that they were a jumbled mess, making it impossible to harvest anything...also making it impossible for anything else to grow. This year, I actually paid attention to the instructions on the seed packets, but I think they were a little lenient, so I'll plant them even farther apart next year. I'll be more careful about how I sow the basil seeds next year, too. I've had to transplant them so many times this year because some of them ended up growing over others, starving them of sunlight. Oh, and I've learned to pick zucchini before they are as long as my arm...maybe that will help my squash bug problem.

Of course, now I'm itching to try to grow new things, and I'm basically sitting on my hands to keep myself from rushing out and buying something. Next year.

Despite my newfound love of vegetable gardening, I'm still hesitant to try flower gardening. It just seems so completely overwhelming. If anyone has a suggestion on how to get started on that one, let me know. I need something simple to boost my confidence. Until then...

...I'm off to shower. I have dirt all over my knees from crawling around the garden this morning. Happy Wednesday, peeps.


Lesley said...

you could try mixing the already halfway grown flowers with seeds. I killed flowers last year, but this year i've done the "easy" way of going to lowes and re-planting those. I want to try seeds next year. My flowers are overflowing out of their little spot in the yard.

Angie said...

I am ashamed of you kiddo! Zinnias are a must and would make a perfect addition to that garden. Sunflowers, snapdragons, sweetpeas, I could go on and definitely need a cutting garden. My zinnias come back at the house in the country every year. I also have a curly willow that grew from a piece that was in an arrangement from when Peter was born. The trunk is about 8" in diameter and 20 ft. tall. I hack on it all the time when I have a wedding.