Friday, August 24, 2007

double up, a-men

My brain has been overloaded with random thoughts the past two days. It probably has something to do with M being out of town, meaning that I have nothing to distract me from pondering society in all its glory- or lack thereof. So, here's a little breakdown of everything I've been exposed to:

1. Thanks to the Morton Mama Monkey, I've been able to witness this glorious display of creativity. I am pretty sure I just stared at the screen with my mouth open the entire time it played...and for quite awhile after it was finished.

2. Michael Vick. What an idiot. The guy was a darling. Absolute gold- on and off the football field. Then came the dogfighting accusations. It's completely despicable. Completely. I have no idea what he's done, but seriously, did he think he was so invincible that he'd never get caught? What is it with people thinking that their seemingly bottomless bank accounts will continually save their necks? Whatever happened to being held responsible? In reality, I don't think it's just the super rich that think they are above the law or common decency. The collective narcissism of our society makes me gag. Gag, people. Which brings me to:

3. Nicole Richie/Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan. Seriously? Why are they still all over the news and the internet and every magazine known to man? At least Lindsay Lohan at some point had a reason to be famous. Mean Girls was a quality flick, which is mostly due to the genius of Tina Fey. Either way, I am so sick of these girls. I am especially sick of the fact that they keep being sent to jail and then released early. It's a bad joke. Real punishment for them would be to ban the media from talking about them for a specified period of time (like maybe forever). You think they could enforce something like that?? I can't even talk about it because, once again, it makes me gag.

4. The one thing that did restore a little of my faith in humanity when it comes to ridiculously rich and famous people was Gwen Stefani opting to cover up for her recent concert in Malaysia. It's nice that she wasn't a brat, insisting that she had every right to be as naked as she chose to be. Instead, she just respected the beliefs and customs of her fans. It was nice.

5. Lastly, I keep thinking, "why is any of this crap interesting?" Because it's really not. It's pretty mind numbing. Maybe it's just easier for society to have their brains operate on auto pilot than to actually think and care, which brings me to a story that I read in Newsweek a few weeks ago. Ever heard of Norman Borlaug? I didn't think so. Look him up. It's pretty impressive. Just a little background: the guy has won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal. I won a hula hoop contest in second grade, and that's about all. He's a pretty amazing dude...and no one knows who he is. Gagging. Again.

Anyway, I've got to pack. We're heading out for a little trip, so I'll be out of commission until at least next Thursday. Have a great weekend, my peeps.

Sight: S's second tooth, which is just barely there
Sound: California by Phantom Planet. I love this stupid song. Also, the sound of S peeing in the living room floor the other night. Hysterical (in a really gross way).
Smell: Ripe peaches. Basil in the garden.
Touch: S kisses.
Taste: Ice cream.


VA said...

Not gonna lie, that video made me a little scared. I had 2 cups of hot cocoa to calm my nerves. I'm fragile, don't you know?

Your point number 5 reminded me of the movie, GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK. If you haven't seen it I think it would be right up your alley. Not that it answers your question per se, but things haven't changed much in t.v. news land.

Oh and addition:
Seventeenth Sense Saturday

No wonder I'm confused all the time. Information overload.

feather nester said...

I couldn't even make it through that video. I couldn't even make it through the opening monologue. Why would you try to subject me to something like that? And me being with child...