Monday, July 02, 2007


I have a new least favorite holiday, so move over April Fools Day. The 4th of July is top dog now. Funny thing is, I usually like the 4th. I have a newfound hatred, however, for fireworks. S goes to bed between 7:30 and 8. All the little neighborhood kiddos started shooting off their bottle rockets last night around 7. Awesome. Roman candles and other annoyingly loud fireworks continued until about 10. Needless to say, it's hard to get a baby to sleep through constant booms outside her window. I fear the next couple of nights. I feel like one of those crotchety old people who complains about noise and crazy young whippersnappers. Fireworks should be illegal. They aren't safe anyway. I read something the other day about the average temperature of a lit sparkler being about 1500 degrees. Yowsers. I don't know how I still have fingerprints. They should've burned off when I was a little girl.

Beyond that, we're still trying to get M's dad's new house squared away. We replaced all the locks yesterday, and finished painting the bathroom walls. Now we need to paint the trim in there and hang some new hardware. Then at least the bathroom will be done. Other than that, I am switching out all of the heinous brass switchplate and outlet covers, doing a bit of cleaning, and that's a wrap. At least until we actually move Mr. P.

So much fun. So little time.

Oh, yeah...M and I played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture 2 last night. I won. I rule. I had two Johnny Depp questions. JHK, I thought of you.

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Sarah said...

Haha - I love that you've become the crotchety old lady on the block! I have vivid memories of hating that lady! "Stupid lady and her stupid baby, she's so uptight" :)

And I love love love the new pixie cut!! Still so jealous that I can't pull that off the way you and Leslie can.