Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh, Sh*t...literally

Sorry for the profanity. I try to be family-friendly, you know. I think it's justified.

We have had our first super-pooper in the cloth diapers. For those of you not in-the-know, S only poops every few days. The last time she had pooped before today was Friday morning. That's five-and-a-half days of poop unleashed upon the world in a matter of seconds. Like I said, "Oh, sh*t."

Unfortunately, she was wearing the looser diaper cover. You know, the one that I was afraid would leak. I was right...if you're keeping score. There was poop on every square inch of baby girl's heiny. It only leaked in one area, and only on me when I picked her up. I'm afraid if I hadn't been right there when it happened, though, and she'd stewed in the poop for a few minutes, it would've spelled disaster for the bouncy seat. All in all, I found the experience funnier than gross. I am, however, still researching the perfect diaper cover. I'm leaning toward bumkins, because they are similar in cut to the Thirsties we're using now, but it looks like the velcro is covered a little better, which would eliminate the scratchy issue.

For now, though, S is happily hanging out in her last clean diaper cover, going cross-eyed staring at her fingers. I could watch her all day and never stop being entertained. If I didn't know better, I'd swear she's counting her fingers.


Sarah said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Bless your little poop-covered heart. I'm having doubts that my humor would have done as good a job kicking in as yours did, so kudos! Like I said before, it's not easy to be a Planet Saver!

feather nester said...

Oops. Good luck with the next model. I'm hoping you get this sorted out and it works in the end because I'm hoping to learn from your experience and tackle it myself when the time comes. Though I read that different babies do best with different covers, so your misery may be of no benefit to me.

Lori said...

It must have been the day for Sh*t for all of us! J tried to eat a piece of cat poop. Don't ask because I have no idea. Just gross. Isn't it good to know there is always the possibility of more sh*t on the horizon?

Angie said...

bless your little green heart. I just could not even think about cloth diapers. I probably would have just thrown those away, too. I have never done well with poop or puke. The thought of having to deal with it like that sent a shiver down my spine and engaged my gag reflex. I just try to not think about all those diapers in the landfill thanks to the M family. As far as I am concerned, they magically disappear!