Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy father's day.

To celebrate Father's Day, we hosted a little event last night. We had friends over for what I'll now call The Amazing-It's-Not-A-Race Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Thing. Confused? Don't be. It was just a scavenger hunt where you had to both find things and do things. And it wasn't a race. Because races have winners, and subsequently, they have losers. And two of the four children involved are more than somewhat dramatic and competitive. One of those children belongs to me, and the other is S's BFF. Those

Anyway, it was loads of fun. Each of the kids got to choose their team name and team colors. There were shirts. The kids got to decorate trophies for their dads. Really, if it hadn't been for the staggering display of tears by S, the night would've been perfect.

We grilled steak and chicken, and neither were overcooked. So, that's a win.

Here are some photos. I can only hope that all you dads out there have as much fun as Mr. Ouiser had this Father's Day...and that all you dads are good enough sports that if your daughter ever chooses to make your team name "Unicorn Princesses" and your team color pink, that you'll play along.

All the teams...ready to roll.
Task: find a stick as long as your arm. Or a stick as long as your child. Whatever.
Task: take a picture of a duck. Or a fake duck.
Task: Eat a french fry. Or an entire order of french fries that had to come from Wendy's despite the fact that it is across town.
Task: Sing a song on a stage. Otherwise titled: Convince your daughter that the playground counts as a stage because the stage she wanted to go to is occupied and the stage your wife suggested is somehow inadequate in the eyes of said daughter.

Task: Run or Walk a Lap. Pouting optional.
The men with their trophies.


Strongmama said...

I love, love, love this! The shirts are fantastic. What a great idea! I totally want to do something like this next year!

Wonderland said...

Unicorn princesses!!! Hahahahha! Love it.