Friday, June 03, 2011


A few ways my life has changed since April 7th.
  • Obviously, I've cut out refined sugars. (in the interest of full disclosure, I ate a TBSP of semisweet mini chocolate chips on my oat bran this morning. it's the first treat-like sugar I've had in over a week. there was also melted almond butter on the oat bran.)
  • I only use my towel once before washing it. Yeast thrives in warm, damp places like towels, and I'm not going through all this diflucan/low sugar mess just to wipe yeast back on my body. I will get you, yeast. Fear me!!!
  • I don't sleep that much.
  • I use all of the available baby nap time to get things done. Since I have an older child, which means that I can't nap when T does, I use my time. Laundry. Cleaning. And...
  • My kitchen prep work gets done early in the day. While T sleeps, I do all the chopping and measuring for dinner ahead of time. I also put water in pots (salted and oiled, if need be) for pasta or rice or quinoa or whatever. I get out plates. I try to get the table set.* There is no way I can get this stuff done when he's awake because he's rotten and wants to be held always.
  • Yoga. It's happening a lot around these parts, and I feel pretty good.
  • I shower at night. Three reasons: my hair looks better "slept on," the baby's sleep is erratic and I can't relax in the shower if I think he might be screaming and S might be smothering him with a pillow, and it helps me relax at the end of the evening.
  • I run the dishwasher immediately after dinner, and I empty it before I go to bed. Not having to do it in the morning makes my mornings significantly better. Significantly.
  • I shop for groceries at night. I am not brave enough yet to take two children to the grocery store. Especially when one is an unpredictable wee one and the other is whiny and asks for one of everything she sees. I wait until they're asleep, and I go alone. It is magical. If you regularly shop with a kid in tow, I highly recommend trying it out.
  • I don't blog very much. Like I said, I have to use all the minutes in the day to keep this place running smoothly because I do not want to lower my standards unless I have to.
*I was unable to set the table yesterday because S had set up a fruit stand. There is still a sign taped to the table. Also, she asked me today if the cherries I gave her came from the farm where we get produce when we can. Then she asked me if they were in season. She picks up on a lot. I heart her. So, so much. Even though I want to strangle her with a spaghetti noodle sometimes. Most of the time. Whatever.

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Ashley Sanders said...

Life with 2 is a totally new ball game isn't it? I am sure you are doing everything fabulous like always. We need to get together soon.