Sunday, December 27, 2009

going julie.

I'll post all about Christmas later. And my seventeen hour snoozefest. But right now, right now, I must blog about my new book The Bread Bible. I am in love. I made recipe number one first thing this morning. It's White Mountain Bread, and I don't know what the word Mountain is doing in the title. It's just white bread. Simple. Plain. Scrumptious.

Recipe number two is french bread. Oy.

Here's the thing. I've decided that I'm going to pull a Julie Powell and cook every single recipe in this book. All of them, and there are at least 300. I say "at least" because the cover says "300 favorite recipes," and I don't know if that includes the variations or not. And I don't know if I want to make the variations. I must do a bit more investigating.

And here's my right-off-the-bat dilemma. I'm not going to make bread every day. It would go bad before we could eat everything if there were multiple loaves around all the time, and I am not about to waste perfectly good food. Especially when it's homemade bread. So, I'm just going to make bread as we run out. Of course, today's recipe made two loaves and we've eaten one already. We'll get through loaf two tomorrow in all likelihood. So, Tuesday will see the baking of the next recipe...unless. Unless I decide to perfect each recipe before moving along. I should've let today's bread rise longer during it's first rise, but I didn't. It was still delicious, but I feel like an extra half an hour would've made it divine. So, do I make White Mountain Bread again or do I proceed to French Bread?

Opinions? Talk amongst yourselves while I finish looking through The Gentle Art of Domesticity, which is crazy awesome in that the photographs are so colorful it makes me want to sit down with a lot of paper and markers immediately.


Lesley said...

Maybe you can write down in the cookbook the notes about what you would change, and keep moving through. Then, if an occasion turns up and you need a previous recipe, you will know exactly what you need to do.

Leslie said...

I must get myself to amazon immediately!
What a delicious dilemma you have! My suggestion is to play it by ear, loaf by loaf. You may want to perfect THIS before moving on, as it could become a Ouiser household staple, but you may not feel the same way about EVERY loaf. Do post about your favorites though! I love food-posts :)

PS. Leslie(ey)s Rule!

die Frau said...

I would perfect this one if you want it to become a staple. However, I also say if you have time, go for the French Bread because, why not? Don't forget that bread freezes well, so you can always wrap the White Mountain bread and put a few loaves aside for later, then attack the French.

the Inkwell said...

you crack me up.