Thursday, December 03, 2009


So, today the Cute Kids of McCreary Heights gathered at our home and had a wicked awesome paint-filled play date. I cannot wait to share pictures of the finished projects, but you can see the process here. I will say that these suckers look awesome and the Ouisers will be doing this a lot more. It's so cool. I am beginning to think of The Artful Parent as a lost gospel.

I also finished S's quilt last night. Of course, it's in her room, where she is snoozing, so no pictures yet. Just the same, that's done, and I am very, very happy with it.

Next up: tomorrow night is Christmas in Downtown Dickson, and I decided to invite a whole lot of people over for a little pre-party of chili and cocoa and cookies and whatnot. Because, I wasn't stressed already. I had a little moment a couple of hours ago where I realized that I have people coming over tomorrow and I have zero Christmas decorations up in my house, and then I reminded myself that people don't visit their friends to stare at their nutcracker collection or to run themselves ragged trying to keep their small children from demolishing their friends' Christmas tree. They come for fun and food and conversation. So, I don't care. My house doesn't need to be perfect. It just needs to be my home, and for me to be happy, my friends and family just need to feel welcome and happy when they are here. I think I can accomplish that task without handmade pine garland. That is me letting go, peeps. Remember's a first. Though I still feel obligated to clean the bathroom. Baby steps.

Now, I'm off to do a little light reading, and by "light reading" I mean that I'll be reading the CAD bylaws. Good night and good luck, right?


Scarlet Lily said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! I'm sure this wasn't easy but life is about nothing if not baby steps. You deserve a little celebratory drink!

feather nester said...

I'll be bringing that celebratory drink, don't worry.

And think of it this way: your not having the decorations up yet, just makes all your guests feel better about not having THEIR decorations up. So, really, you're being the best hostess EVER by making your guests feel even MORE comfortable in your home! ;)

Also, I was at a huge, BEAUTIFUL, expensive Belle Meade home last night, and the poor woman was beside herself with apologies for how she was dressed, the fact that her kids were still up, the lack of decorations (even though her dining room table was all decked out in holiday stuff), insecurity about the gingerbread she'd baked... It's like the body image thing: whatever you think about your body, there's someone out there who is so jealous of you and wishes she had what you have. Also, no one else is ever thinking about you and your shortcomings because they're all too busy thinking about their own.

Holly Spencer said...

here's to not being stressed out about Christmas like everyone else in the world! see you tonight!