Wednesday, April 08, 2009

that's not henry plainview

We watched There will be Blood last night. Um, that movie was a little strange. It left both M and I sitting on the couch with a "what the crap" look on our faces. Plus, I am still angry about the music. Something about the entire score of that movie just ticked me off. I think that was the point, but still. Ewwww.

I digress. When Henry Plainview came into the movie, I was distracted. All I could think was the following... (this is all from memory, so forgive my inevitable mistakes)

"Sammy Wayne DeSoto, what is this in my frigidaire?"


"I don't care what you keep in your frigidaire, but you will not keep liquor in mine." (Spoken as she walks out the screen door, opens a beer, and pours it onto the ground.)

"Oh, Annelle, for Christ's sake."

"Is that the name of our Lord that you're taking in vain?"

"That's him, that's the one."

"I think we should pray."

"Oh, I'd rather eat dirt."

I love that movie. God bless that crazy Annelle.

Anyway, things are well here...I just had the computer unwrapped because I couldn't bear to be without email. It will be rewrapped in about 30 minutes.

Until next time.

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