Monday, April 27, 2009


On Saturday...the crazy day that was M and S and the Feathernesters and the Scarlet Lilies trying to get to the zoo as I tried to get out the door to set up for the event...

S refused to sleep during naptime. No biggie. Happens all the time. However, on Saturday, between rousing renditions of the ABC's and "Jesus Loves Me," I kept hearing, "I made a big mess." Again, she yells that a lot, and it usually means that she threw all of her animals out of the crib. Not Saturday, though. Saturday, there was indeed a big mess. S got into her toiletry bag and discovered an almost full jar of Vaseline. She used the contents of said jar to coat herself, top to bottom and everywhere in between, in Vaseline. Nothing like a two-year-old coated in a little petroleum jelly. Hilarity ensued as M tried to lift the greased piggie (I mean, our daughter) out of her crib and into the bathtub...then we watched the water bead up all over her. It was a great send-off for me as I had to leave for the event right about that time.

The event was nice, too. Pictures later if you're good.

Happy Monday, folks.


mo wask said...

LMAO. Video was needed of M getting S out of that crib. Hope the event went well. Promise to be extra good so we can see pictures!!!

Amy said...

That is hilarious....I would have loved to have seen that!! I like that M had to clean it up...ha..ha..

die Frau said...

Also LMAO. PLEASE tell me you took pictures of her covered in Vaseline.

Glad the event went well!