Wednesday, November 12, 2008

one up-ed

MoWask totally one up-ed me. I listed a couple of the random things that S is grateful for (though she doesn't understand the concept of being grateful), and she went off and listed 106 things that she loves. I can't compete with that. Looks like being in California for a week is kind to her. While I'm happy about that, I am having trouble figuring out new things for S today. You see, it's raining, so we haven't been outside, and that's where S is the happiest. That's where she finds things. So, I'm winging it today. We finger painted for the first time yesterday, and I assure you she was grateful for squishy orange paint. She's also thankful for rocks. I let her bring in four rocks that she collected yesterday, and she keeps finding them and declaring, "Mommy, found rock. Ooooh." So, finger paint and rocks. Beat that, MoWask. :)

Also, we went to the gym today for the first time in forever. Getting a president elected is hard work that excuses one from one's dedication to treadmills and big empty rooms where you can do yoga alone. Now, however, I'm back at it because I can tell how much weaker I've gotten and I don't like it. Anywho...

While there, I grabbed a magazine for perusing while on the elliptical machine. I haven't subscribed to Real Simple in years because I felt like the articles kept repeating themselves, and I honestly don't need any advice on how to organize my closets (all shirts in order of the color spectrum), my junk drawers (don't believe in the concept; if it's junk, I don't want it), or beneath my sink (how much crap do you need under there really). But, there were a couple of articles in this one that I had a chance to read and really enjoyed. One was a guide to recycling, which I thought was greatly helpful in that it explained to me why I can't recycle certain things that I've been dropping off for ages. Oops. The other article was on focusing. I find it hysterical that I need to be doing several things right now, but I'm not. I'm blogging. It's a distraction. Looks like I should focus.

Anyway, enjoy your Wednesday. I'm going to clean the bathroom. Focus, Ouiser, focus.


mo wask said...

you are so funny. not my intention. i was just feeling in a list making mood.

umm. rocks. somehow i'm not surprised. we left ALL of our rocks in MEM and are finding that we have a need for them. yet i have boxes of crap we don't need. go figure! (trust me, i've been purging BIG time lately)

Scarlet Lily said...

Ooo, funny you should mention this! Just this morning I ran across a blog that got an award for being a great blog resource of fun and simple craft activities that you can do with your kids. I haven't looked at it, but it might be just what you need!

Rachael said...

A friend gave me her copy of this Real Simple, and I've saved it,I thought there were a lot of good tips (i like the info about wine bottle corks). Im planning to scan the Recyling tid bits (I'm trying to give up saving newspaper articles, etc, because never seem to get around to needing them again, or find them when i do need them). Had to laugh that you mentioned the organizing closet thing, because I totally do the same - and I was like, really, people need to be told about this, and then I realized I'm too, too, much of many things. happy day!