Wednesday, October 08, 2008

that's right, i'm famous

Not really, but almost.

I was this close to actually getting to talk on air. On HARDBALL WITH CHRIS MATTHEWS. Chris Matthews was looking straight at me, walking to me...then the camera hog next to me started spouting off about wanting to vote for a winner. Oh, well. It's really probably for the best. Either way, my mug was on national television. Scarlet Lily was kind enough to take pictures.

Despite my inability to become famous, I had a completely wonderful, though exhausting, time yesterday. Even M agreed that being in such an excited pro-Obama atmosphere is a little intoxicating (my word, not his). I really do wish you all could have been there.

It's so amazing to just meet a total stranger and immediately have something in common. Something to talk about. Something real...not, "man, the Vols are really stinkin' it up this season, huh?" or, "dude, the weather today sucks." Real conversations that make you feel really connected to other human beings that you'll likely never see again. Jessica the Occupational Therapy student, Tyler from Vanderbilt, Amanda the English teacher, Lane the Interior Designer, Taurus the coffee lover, Darla the autograph was great to meet them all. It was also great to be in an atmosphere of cooperation. An atmosphere where, for the most part, everyone realized that we are working toward the same goal. There were the random islands of McCain support, but they were few and far between to say the least. Then there were the protesters that had to be led away by the police as Chris Matthews nearly lost it with them and their bullhorn. When Chris Matthews finds it difficult to talk over someone, you know it's bad.

Alas, the glitz and glamour for the Nashville political scene is over, and it's time to get to work. I did talk to one of the Victory '08 Tennessee bigwigs, and they are starting to ask people to really hit the battleground states hard. Tennessee is within fairly easy driving distance of Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio. They're asking people to make weekend trips to those states to knock on doors if they can. I'm trying to convince M that it would be worth it to make a trip...also, I do have an aunt in Florida who is trying to find a buddy to knock on doors with. I'm going to try. I make no promises about actually traveling, but I hereby declare that I am going to get on the phone and start making calls to battleground states. I hope that you will, too. Obama's website makes it so easy. They are also really encouraging people to help get out the vote. If you know anyone who needs help getting to the polls to vote, please don't miss your opportunity.

Also, in all sincerity, just being nice and smiling at people while you're sporting Obama gear can go a long way. I walked past an assisted living facility yesterday morning as I was decked out in my Obama shirt, and I stopped for two minutes to talk to the residents that were out front rocking and watching the passersby. Just smiling and talking to them was great, and it leaves them with positive thoughts about Obama and his supporters. Remember that there are a lot of people who haven't made up their minds about this election, and positive thoughts are, well, positive. Honestly, for some people who are undecided, the issues may not be what decides this thing for them. Their experiences with people from the campaigns can be, smile, people.

I've got to get some things done. I promise more pictures later, until then, have a great day, peeps.

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