Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the early show

At 4am, I flipped on the computer to make sure I knew exactly where to meet for my 530 am "I Love Obama" shift in Nashville. I had managed to peel myself out of bed at 315, so by 4, I was showered and dressed and ready to leisurely gather myself and get on the road. Then I opened my email.

The CBS Early Show was broadcasting, and they wanted us early risers to get there at 5 instead of 530. Crapola. I grabbed my coffee. I grabbed my keys. I attempted to kiss my sleeping husband goodbye. I ran out the door.

I was actually one of the first people there, which I considered a monumental accomplishment as I live 45 minutes away. I ended up sitting in a chair in Belmont Mansion for just under three hours. I'm pretty sure I never actually made it on TV, but boatloads of the signs I made the other night did. In fact, I was able to give my sign to a tall girl a couple of seats over, and she was able to block a McCain sign with it. Mind you, the Obama to McCain sign ratio was about 10:1, and all the McCain signs were more like, "We woke up early to be on TV," than they were about McCain. It was a good showing for Obama. By the time I left Belmont's campus, there wasn't a McCain supporter in sight.

I'm home now for a few minutes before I head to a doctor's appointment...then it's back to Nashvegas. I wish you all could be there. It is so much fun.


Strongmama said...

Thanks so much for doing this! It's awesome! Feathernester and I thought about you and how we didn't get up early to check out Morning Joe, but hoped you made it on tv. So glad the Obama supporters are out there in such large numbers!

die Frau said...

You rock! Currently Time-Warner does not let us see CBS (snafu with budgeting or something silly), so now I don't feel so bad that I didn't get to see it.

That's so awesome that you're so involved. Go Obama!

VA said...

Was wondering where you were with the debate in TN. Yahoo!