Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i am super mom and you are, too

I declared myself Super Mom this afternoon. S and I attended the fall kick-off meeting for Relay for Life today at noon. We had picked up a happy meal for her on the way because chicken and fries is usually a surefire way to keep the kiddo still and quiet. Not today, though. Today she wanted to talk to people. And she wanted to eat the strawberry salad that came with my lunch. Fine. Not a problem really. The Super Mom thing came at the very end. S and I won a door prize...a very pretty little floral arrangement that I realized immediately that I didn't want to have to carry to the car with my huge bag and my 35 pound toddler in tow. Someone else won a bunch of purple balloons that S had been making eyes at the entire meeting. Turns out that someone was with a friend of mine, and she brought the balloons to S. I traded her for the floral arrangement because I knew she worked at a bank and lots of people would enjoy it there. Then I realized that I hadn't really traded up in terms of getting to the car. Luckily, S was an angel and walked while holding my hand the entire way through the hospital. She even avoided the catnip that is the elevator buttons. Then we hit the parking lot. The kid has a thing for walking on curbs. You know, one foot on the curb, one on the parking lot. I have a thing for not getting run over.

So, in the gale force wind, my child sat down on the curb and cried because I wouldn't let her play in the parking lot. Then she realized that there were five bright purple balloons swirling around my head and all troubles were forgotten. I somehow managed to get the kid, the bag, the balloons, and myself into the car and home. That's when I decided that I am Super Mom. In fact, all moms are Super Moms because we all have crazy days like this and no one is ever around to really appreciate the absurdity of our situations.

Happy Tuesday, super mom peeps. I'm off to make cookies.

Oh, but here are a couple of pics from this weekend.

And, that's right, Scarlet Lily and B, S is wearing a cardigan. A fancy posh cardigan to go with the fancy posh flower hair bow.


Strongmama said...

First, I love the metallic shoes. Super cute. Second, don't you just hate it when your kid loses all ability to walk when you are in a parking lot? There have been so many times when J goes completely limp on me and falls into the street. And it's not like you can use it as a teachable moment and say, "Well, now you know not to get hit by a car next time." Third, imagining all those balloons and maneuvering through an elevator as if there's nothing to see there cracks me up. Fourth, super sharp looking fam you've got there!

feather nester said...

You guys were all so beautiful at the wedding! Well, you're all so beautiful always, but especially so last weekend! Gosh, I love that kid in barrettes! Grow, Papoose hair, grow!

Loving exclamation points today, apparently!!!