Friday, October 31, 2008

all dressed up

S had a Halloween party this morning. Really, it was just the make up class for the music class that was canceled a few weeks ago. All the kids dressed up, and that apparently makes kids crazy. Note to all parents and's not the sugar in the candy that causes them to go nutso. It's the costumes. All the kids were running around like they were on speed. The teacher gave up about halfway through and just let them have treats. At that point, S was already passing out the stickers and spider rings we'd brought to share.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots. For the record, S did wear her costume, but when she started sweating, I took it off her. It was a smidgen warm in there this morning.

This is S with her friend S. She was a poodle...but she swore she was a lamb. Baa.

S thought this was the best thing ever. She really thought Elmo was there. She kept going up to the poor kid and touching him. It's how I'd react if I was in the room with George Clooney.


Strongmama said...

I always said that Halloween was worse than the day before Christmas vacation for a teacher. We were always thankful when it came on a Friday so we could sleep it off on Saturday. Unfortunately, J is sick, so our Halloween plans have been cancelled. Boo in a bad way.

die Frau said...

little kids dressed up for Halloween is my favorite!