Friday, August 01, 2008


There are about a dozen things that I really need to be doing right now. Mopping floors. Dusting. Washing dishes. Washing the clothes M needs for his trip. Taking out the compost. Putting away laundry. The list goes on. Anyway, I'm clearly not doing any of those things because I'm sitting at the computer. (Captain Obvious, anyone?)

There was a reason for sitting at the computer originally. I need to find some window treatments for the bonus area upstairs to continue our efforts at making it habitable. Of course, I am easily sidetracked by the boundlessness of the world wide web. I cannot be trusted to sit down in front of the computer and complete only the one task I sat down to complete. I was distracted by this article on MSN today about Crocs. While I have no real opinion on Crocs other than they are super cute on my toddler's insanely stinky feet, the article is a hysterical bashing. Hysterical. It also contained a link to the website Stuff White People Like. I had heard of the site before, and OHMIGOSH. It is so funny. I had to make myself stop reading it so I could tell you all to go there right now and start reading. Make your Friday afternoon at work worth it. (Unless you're my husband, in which case, I implore you to work hard, come home, and chill out.) I only read a little bit, but the following made me almost pee.

From #5: Farmer's Markets, "That photo described the woman as a “local herb merchant.” Everything about that description is white."

I have no idea why that's so funny. But I fear that the pull of this website may prevent my dirty floors from being cleaned today.

Happy Friday, peeps. I'm out. I'd say I'm going to clean my house, but you'd know I'm lying. I've got to see what else I, as a white person, am supposed to like.

Sight: the load of veggies my granddaddy brought over yesterday in a bucket
Sound: S "singing"
Smell: the garden
Touch: S kisses through the slats of her cribs
Taste: cherries, nectarines


va said...

Totally unrelated but I saw this site and thought of you.

die Frau said...

1) I have Crocs. I do like them; I admit it.

2) I read just a few of the responses, and Croc likers seem to really, REALLY take themselves, their love of Crocs, and this article far too seriously.