Wednesday, August 06, 2008

the reigning queen of random??

Just because Roger Federer lost his kung-fu death grip on #1 last week doesn't mean I'm going down, too. Last week, after reading Scarlet Lily's hysterical missive to Wilford Brimley, M told me he thought she may take over as the most random blogger. "Take over from whom?" I asked.


What? My blog is random? I always thought I was so together. So organized. Okay, I am so not. I know that, but my husband telling me that my blog is the most random blog out there was a bit of a shock. So, I guess I have to defend my title. Scarlet, watch out.

Anyway, today's random, which I've noticed loads of times before (but I don't think I've ever mentioned):

Has anyone else noticed that Suri Cruise is still taking a bottle? That kid is almost two-and-a-half. Ditch the bottle. The kid needs a cup. I guess Tom and Katie figure that they can afford to buy her new teeth when she unequivocably ruins hers with that bottle. I won't even mention the fact that all the other preschoolers are going to start making fun of her. Fortunately for Suri, I'm sure her parents already have some therapists lined up for her. Also, I'm thinking of starting a petition to send to Katie Holmes to demand that she stop tight-rolling her jeans. If anyone else is interested in joining me in this endeavor, let me know. Or, if you've started tight-rolling your jeans thinking it's the next big thing, let me know that, too. I'll need to stop talking to you until you realize the error of your ways.

I'm out, peeps. Oh, S had her 18 month check-up this morning. 34 inches. 30 pounds, 8 ounces. She's still case you were worried. And, while we were in the waiting room, I discovered a new magazine. Wondertime. Does anyone know anything about it??


Kristie said...

The bottle drives me crazy! As if the bottle on its own isn't bad enough, I have actually read the contents of the formula it holds. I am shocked that the child is even growing.

GreenLight said...

The jeans: Oh, the tragedy. I thought that was finished in the 80s! One of my best friends in high school, who was a STRAIGHT GUY did that. I remember punching him over it one day. I'm not usually that violent, but it's something I feel strongly about it.

feather nester said...

Okay, (a) you are not the most random blog out there, don't worry. The Bloggess is:

(b) I am shocked by the bottle, but more shocked by the jeans, which I saw before even getting to that part of your post. And I think greenlight just scared me out of even considering trying that trend out again, no matter how en vogue it becomes.

Scarlet Lily said...

Huh... is it weird that it never even occurred to me that I have a random blog? It's definitely not a Theme Blog (food, parenthood, etc,), so really, I guess the Theme = Scarlet's Personality and Random Mind Musings. (That's totally what I should have named it instead)

As for the jeans, I would say that there are a few trends that no matter how much anyone tried to bring them back, I would protest... pinched jeans, big shoulder pads, those plastic circle things with the line through them that you could put through the bottom corner of your shirt, etc. That'll be my next poll... stay tuned! :)

die Frau said...

What plastic circle things? Oh, instead of tying the bottom in a knot? STOP. And I'm going to attempt to win the crown of Queen of Random. You don't even KNOW what goes through my head....Challenge extended, ladies.

But onto Katie Holmes. I did not know about Suri still having a bottle--that is weird. And wrong. At least she's not still nursing--I had a mom during a parent teacher conference nurse her walking-talking-teeth-having son while we discussed her daughter. Didn't know where to look. Eurgh! [shudder]. I saw the pegged jeans at GoFugYourself and laughed out loud. Truly? I don't care who you're married to or what kind of bob you've done to your hair--let it go, girl! I do see some valid cuteness in rolling them up like you're digging for clams, with the long cuff at the bottom. Not too bad. But why doesn't she just go out and get some jelly bracelets, feather earrings, and an off-the-collar sweatshirt while she's at it? NO, Katie, NO. BAD Katie. I will whack that girl with a newspaper if I see her.

Ouiser, T is so excited about football I'm not sure what to say. I may blog about it myself.