Wednesday, August 20, 2008

go ahead, make his day

Last night, M received some news that caused an excitement level right up there with Ed McMahon showing up at your doorstep with a giant check. My daddy called and invited him to the Monday Night Football game between the Titans and Colts. As we were in the middle of dinner, I took the call and answered for my dear husband. When I then asked him if he'd be interested, he almost fell out of his chair. His excitement is pretty cute, I must say. My jealousy, of course, cannot be understated. Maybe next year.

So, M's, M's year has been made by my father. Thanks, pops. Now I'm off the hook for coming up with great birthday and Christmas gifts because, honestly, I can't top Peyton Manning on a Monday night and this is going to be the highlight of 2008 for him anyway.

That's all the news for today as I'm implementing one of my no-computer days. I'm out, peeps. Have a great hump day. I'll leave you with a little classic Manning...Peyton for M, Eli for S and B, and Archie for anyone who actually remembers him playing.

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die Frau said...

"The Manning's are ready"???? "THE MANNING'S"???????

Ooh, the grammar geek in me just wonders how many people caught that. Obviously not the WRITERS OR EDITORS. Otherwise, very cute ad.

T and his friend J are doing the dry run for the opening home game's tailgate tonight and I get to sample the results. I have secretly chuckled about them even doing a dry run, but it does make sense. Ah, football, you crazy mistress.