Thursday, August 07, 2008

a nasty bug bite

Either Feathernester's love of stitchery is rubbing off on me or I've gotten a nasty bite from the sewing bug. What the heck? I was not expecting this. Now that I've made curtains and porch swing cushions and something that passes for a slipcover if you look at it kind of cross-eyed, I'm itching to get the machine back out. It's driving me bonkers. I've spent the last 20 minutes online looking at Amy Butler patterns, and I'm trying to decide how many of them I can get away with buying. (How many bags does a girl need?) Someone, help me. Explain this madness.


mo wask said...

i have a library of her patterns. let me know which ones you are interested in. i might have it and in my pile to get rid of. love her stuff but am trying to purge a bookcase and am having to downsize.

ps where are the pictures of your recently endeavors?

feather nester said...

So I've noticed! It's great! But it's making me even more antsy to get going again and I have NO SPACE! In this big house! Well, I have the oven we call an upstairs, but that's just really not going to be bearable for probably another month. Sigh. Make me something.

VA said...

Cabo Halter! Although a lot of the bags look awesome. I love geometry. (Do I feel the need to get my sewing machine into the shop and running again?...)

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