Tuesday, July 08, 2008

where in the world are the ouisers?

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile. The Ouisers have been busy. It's not been terribly exciting around here, just busy.

We finally got around to fixing up Mr. P's house. We figured that three-and-a-half months was long enough to keep the place looking like the movers had just left. In our defense, we were waiting to have the walls painted, which happened the week of Scarlet Lily's wedding...and we had to wait on the custom blinds for all of his windows, and, yes, I realize that these are excuses. Either way, M and I spent all day at Mr. P's on Friday as S was at my daddy's house. Aside from still not finding the glass shelves for one cabinet, we are pretty much done with the house. The garage is another thing entirely. We'll get there, but at least we don't feel like deadbeats anymore.

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning working on our house. We hadn't really touched the upstairs, and we got most everything up there done. I'll be packing a couple of things away this afternoon, and then I have to make a decision on window treatments and a slipcover for a chair, and we'll be totally done with the rumpus room. I've also got to make curtains for S's room, and I need to get something on the walls in her bathroom. The list never ends.

The really big thing on our agenda is our insulation problem. Have I mentioned before that we basically have no insulation? It was a problem in the winter because the downstairs was so cold. Now we're roasting S. The poor kid is soaked in sweat when we get her up from her naps, and she gets pretty sweaty at bedtime, too. It makes window treatments upstairs seriously critical, too, as we know that curtains will help to reflect the heat back outside. I'll be working on the curtains for her room during her nap today. Hopefully, the curtains will also stop her newfound habit of waking up with the sun. Since she slept like a rock at my daddy's house in a cool, dark room, we're coming to the realization that we've got to do something for the kid. Our laziness is the reason she's not sleeping the extra hour in the mornings. Once again, I guess we're out of the running for Parents of the Year. Not like that's uncharted territory for us.

So, boxes, pictures, insulation, curtains. That's enough for one week. And S is having her picture made Thursday morning, so I need to find a dress. And M and I are trying to decide on a mini-vacation just for us in September or October. We were already thinking about Maine, and based on MoWask's rave reviews, I've been looking into it more thoroughly. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, it's almost naptime, which means I need to dig out the sewing machine. Have a great Tuesday, peeps. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

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die Frau said...

I have always found endless delight in the simplicity of bubbles.

And the house will be an ongoing project until you move out. We've lived here a year and still haven't done doodly with the living room and its ugly circa-1986 floral valances. We figure if it's cosmetic, it waits.