Monday, July 28, 2008

too much excitement??

The P family traveled to Memphis again this weekend. It was my step-great-grandmother's 100th birthday. It was a very sweet party, chock full of family members I'd never heard of or met. They were all super nice, though, and one couple with twin boys only lives about an hour from us. I'm hoping we get to see them again as they seemed very cool.

After the party, which S spent napping in the hotel room, M took her swimming. We practically had to shoehorn her into her swimsuit. It was a 2T, but it was monumentally too short, so her boobies kept trying to squirt out of the front. She was cute, though, and once she got used to the water and got over the initial shock of a face full of water, she enjoyed herself.

Last night, the Feathernester fam came over for dinner, and that was really the most exciting part of the weekend. Not only did my child eat a plateful of chicken curry that did, in fact, turn her poop a bit yellow this morning, she got her first swig of rum. It was bound to happen sooner or later. She picked up a drink off of the end table and managed to pour it all over herself and the floor. I'm not actually 100% sure she got any in her mouth. The rum incident led to an immediate need for a bath as she was coated in sticky soda and spiced rum, so we invited L to take a bath with S. They were very cute...then S crapped in the tub. Again. Mad dash to get the girls away from the rapidly disintegrating poop.

After the girls were dried off and dressed, they made up a new game. L held onto a blanket while S pulled her all around the house. They both giggled nonstop. Cutest ever...but no pictures or video. Of course, I'm not sure that I want video evidence of my child looking like a hulking beast of a body builder.

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Hope everyone else had as much excitement as we did. I'm out, peeps. Enjoy the pics in all their un-doctored, red-eyed glory.

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die Frau said...

Glad you got the picture before the poop incident. I cannot stop laughing.

I love the swimsuit photo, too! When will they invent a teleporter so I can hang out with you all on a regular basis, dammit?