Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Ouisers were out of town again last weekend. For a wedding. What can I say? We're popular wedding guests. This week's wedding was in Memphis, which meant that S finally got to meet the Memphis peeps. Unfortunately, she managed to have some nasty poopers while we were gone, but I think things turned out just fine.

She made a new friend. She had a blast playing with H, and she showed it by kissing him about a dozen times. Seriously, kid, don't give away the farm. Here are a few pictures...I don't really have time to write today. I've got to do some research on why my beans aren't growing.

Have a great hump day, peeps.

M and S checking out the church.

Pre-breakfast snack in the hotel room.

Showing off her new disgusting habit. That could've been a great picture.

Splashing in a puddle.

Questionable moral character?

Loving the polar bears. She got super excited every time they swam by.


Strongmama said...

It's not a completely disgusting habit until she starts handing you the boogers to eat yourself. Mmmm...

feather nester said...

OMG, TT, I am so not ready for that! Luckily, we're not there yet.

Ouiser, those pics are great! Wish I could have seen her with the polar bears. She and H look sooooo cute together. Glad it was a fun time for all.

Anonymous said...

It was really great to see you guys and finally have S and H meet, thanks so much for bringing her. Now let's not let it be so long b/t visits again (although we realize it is probably our turn to do the visiting)

The Mills