Friday, January 07, 2011

divine comedy.

I just spent the better part of an hour playing with polly pocket-sized princess dolls. Don't worry...S was playing, too. The chimney gas hasn't fried my frontal lobe just yet. Anyway, we were pretending that the princesses were having a royal ball in a ballroom that happened to be the metal container for S's Victorian Couture Magnetic Paper Doll. (You read that right.) Snow White was wearing Belle's ball gown. Sleeping Beauty (aka Princess Stella) was wearing Snow White's gown. Jasmine was sporting Cinderella's dress, which is actually ripped. There was an actual Polly Pocket doll at the party, too, and she was wearing something that looked like it was designed by Hannah Montana for skanky-kids-r-us. Also, we don't have polly pocket-sized princes, so we had to improvise. We had to use Gus Gus and Jaq (the mice from Cinderella) and The Mad Hatter and a member of the Lollipop Guild that were Happy Meal toys as princes. There was also a nurse, which was an actual doll from her doll house...the doll whose skirt came off long ago and was inexplicably worn by the Lollipop Guild prince today.

Anyway, Sleeping Beauty/Princess Stella got sick and needed to go with the nurse to the hospital. The nurse suggested that she needed to rest for a week in order to feel better. The nurse then made her a cozy bed and gave her a cup of tea (Chip from Beauty and The Beast). Upon putting Sleeping Beauty/Princess Stella to bed, the nurse was instructed to let Sleeping Beauty/Princess Stella's prince (Gus Gus the Mouse) know where she was so he wouldn't worry. So the bottomless nurse went to tell him, and he asked if he could visit her. He then went to visit her, and asked if he could snuggle in the bed with her to make her feel better.

Now, this is a perfectly reasonable request. Especially from a three-year-old who relies on snuggles to make her feel better when she's ill or cranky. But my mama brain fired up and my internal monologue went something like this:

If I say yes to this, what's next? Sleepovers with boys? Thinking her prom date can spend the night? Bringing home boys from college and expecting to sleep in the same bed? Am I dooming my daughter to a future of questionable morals if I let this mouse-masquerading-as-prince snuggle with the polly pocket princess?

The answer is no, but I literally laughed OUT LOUD at myself for being a complete moron. And then I realized that this was a story I had to share.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends full of princess parties and wholesome fun.

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Wonderland said...

Hilarious! Moms are awesome.